Students at Bliss Carman Middle School in Fredericton are creating a dress with serious bling.

Bit by bit, a handful of middle school students are creating a dress with wearable technology for a fundraising fashion show for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Early on, they came up with the idea to have some kind of heartbeat pattern in the dress design.

Lucinda Mills, the teacher, is combining her design and sewing skills with Jacob Lingley's tech savvy to help a handful of girls create the dress.


Students Alice Newling (at computer), Keegan Goodine (holding crown) and Taylor Greegan have been working at noon hours and after school on designing a dress using wearable technology. (Catherine Harrop/CBC)

"There's conductive threads going from these copper terminals back to the micro-controller itself," said Mills.

Conductive thread isn't fireproof, so most of the lights are linked to their power source with wires. which leads to tough task of soldering all the lights.

"The girls had to solder 127 wires," said Mills.

The students have worked on the dress during lunch hours and after school since the fall.

"They don't stand around. They come in, they see a problem and they want to fix it," said Mills.

The actual dress will only be revealed at the show on April 30.

With files from Catherine Harrop