Bike enthusiasts believe a new route that will connect uptown Saint John and the University of New Brunswick in Saint John will cause more people in the city to begin commuting to work.

Work is starting next month on the Campus Harbour Connection Route, a 3.5-kilometre link that will allow easy access for cyclists between the uptown area and the university.

Adam Pitre, the owner of Bikeworks, said he expects the new route to be well used by people in the city.

He said there are about 100 people who commute by bicycle into the city and he believes that number is going to increase in the future.

"We have to get them safely to and from their destination," he said.

"That number will definitely grow."

The new route fits into a new part of the city's municipal plan. Saint John is considering adding bike lanes to any street it repaves.

Creative ideas wanted

Uptown Saint John's Green Feet environment committee wants the public to come up with the new sign to mark the trail.

They’re looking for an image to use instead of a sign written in English and French.

"It gives people a sense of ownership of the route," said Anne McShane, the chairperson of the group.

"They have a part of that and they saw how this evolved."

Saint John has about 20 kilometres of disjointed bike paths.

The new connection will be the first comprehensive route in the city and it’s expected to be completed in July.

Next month, the city will launch a campaign educating the public on changes to the roads to accommodate cyclists.