Big Fish owner Denis Breau shows off Big Dee-Dee to tourist Vanessa Hiltz and her son. ((CBC))

A seafood shop in Shediac, N.B., called the Big Fish is showing off a big catch.

A 10-kilogram male lobster is currently for sale at the fish market for $1,000.

The crustacean, which has been named Big Dee-Dee, was caught in the Bay of Fundy and is believed to be about 100 years old.

"[He's] probably really smart to avoid the trap for that many years," said Big Fish owner Denis Breau.

Big Dee-Dee is quickly becoming a tourist attraction in the small coastal town of about 5,500.

Ontario tourist Helen Medina brought a measuring tape when she stopped in to see the large lobster. Big Dee-Dee was "unbelievable," she said.


Big Dee-Dee, a 10-kilogram lobster that was caught in the Bay of Fundy, is on sale in Shediac, N.B., for $1,000. ((CBC))

Vanessa Hiltz also stopped into the shop to see the catch.

"I've never seen anything this big," Hiltz said. "My family is from Nova Scotia so I've eaten lobster but never anything this big."

Big Dee-Dee is a rare catch, Breau said. "His big claws are perfect," he said. "All the small claws are perfect. It's just a beautiful lobster."

The lobster's buyer will have to boil Big Dee-Dee for at least three hours if they're going to eat him, Breau said.

"It's almost like a big roast, " Breau said. "If you cook it right, it's just as good as a small one."