Beresford couple grateful to kind-hearted electrician

Daniel Vienneau and Rachel Fougere lost everything when a fire destroyed their mini home in Beresford in April.

After a house fire, Daniel Vienneau and Rachel Fougere were living in a trailer without power

Good-hearted electrician helps couple recover from fire 2:07

Daniel Vienneau and Rachel Fougere lost everything when a fire destroyed their mini home in Beresford in April.

The couple was unable to afford a room elsewhere and had been staying on their property in a small trailer, without power, until a local electrician stepped in to help.

Vienneau says he called every electrician in town looking for help to hook up the trailer.

"I had a lot of problems trying to get someone to come and help me right away and to give me a good price," he said. "I called Aldeo Electric and Aldeo Electric said that he would be there right away and he didn't charge us a dime."

Aldeo Duguay, the owner of Aldeo Electric, says he didn't hesitate when Vienneau called him.

"It did cost me but I mean, they did lose a lot more that I'm going to lose. I'm very proud to do that for them," Duguay said.

The fire started in a shed in the back yard and Vienneau says when it reached the mini home there was no stopping it.

With no insurance, the couple is now trying to replace their home and their belongings.

Fougere says many others in their community have been donating clothing and household items, but she says they can only afford to eat once every day right now.

"We wake up and we drink coffee and you know, it's tough, it's not the way to go," she said. "We need to eat but we want to fix our home so bad and so fast that we don't want to take the time to eat, because my daughter wants her home."

Paying kindness forward

Fougere and Vienneau say they've have been using social media to tell others about how Aldeo Duguay helped them.

They hope that will boost his business and repay him for his kindness.

"For what he did, I want people to know that there are still kind people out there. There are people that are not only there for the money but would like to help people," Vienneau said.

He says they will begin major renovations in the next few days to repair their home which they hope to move back into this summer.