The price of beer is set to rise in New Brunswick. ((CBC))

Beer drinkers will be paying more next week as NB Liquor is expected to jack up the price of a case of suds by $1, CBC News has learned.

The average price for a case of 12 cans is now $23.99, while the average price for a case of bottles is $21.99.

 NB Liquor hasn't made the price hike public, but Liberal MLA Donald Arseneault said some agency stores have confirmed with him that changes are set to come into effect as early as Monday.

The prices will go up by $1 per case, $3 per flat of 24 beers, and an unspecified amount for some spirits, he said.

Arseneault said the increases are essentially a tax on ordinary New Brunswickers — and run contrary to the Alward government's election campaign and more recent promises.

"What frustrates me is that they were very clear a couple of months ago that this was not going to happen, and now we're seeing it is happening," he said.

"You know, for a premier that keeps saying his word is his contract, he broke it again."

Joe Ellsworth, stocking up on beer supplies for the weekend, said it's a treat he may not be able to afford for long. 

He said the price hike is going to hit him where it hurts.

"Obviously, it doesn't make me smile. You know, I'm on a fixed income as it is, I'm not making that much money as it is," Ellsworth said.

"I'm still going to school and so that requires saving and so, it makes it that much harder to go out, and just to have some casual beers at the end of the week."

Breweries big and micro say they'll be watching how the price increases affect their bottom line. 

Moosehead spokesperson Joel Levesque said the price of a case just went up 50 cents on March 1 and New Brunswick has some of the priciest beer in the world already.

NB Liquor did not return CBC's calls for comment. 

Beer is NB Liquor's top selling product and the increase will likely raise millions of dollars for the provincial Crown corporation.