Beekeepers who live in southeast New Brunswick want more people to give the hobby a try.

A group of them met Saturday to discuss the state of beekeeping in the province.

"They are amazing little things that do so much for us that a lot of people take for granted," said Beth Donovan of Moncton, who has been keeping bees for years.

Donovan has also spent a lot of time educating people on the importance of pollination and how it's connected to the food we eat.

She said she'd love to see more people take up beekeeping.

"We need new beekeepers and we need more beekeepers," she said.

Paul Vautour, the maritime delegate on the Canadian Honey Council, echoed Donovan’s sentiments.

“We have a greying population of beekeepers and we're fading out but here in this room, lot of young people and that's what we're striving for to get more young people, because we're losing the expertise," he said.

Vautour said beekeeping is a rewarding and fascinating pursuit, once you get over the fear of being stung.  

He said the best way to get started Is to connect with another beekeeper.

The New Brunswick Beekeepers Association has around 250 members, who are both commercial beekeepers and people who keep bees as a hobby.