Beef farm shed burns to the ground near Sackville

A beef farm near Sackville, N.B., lost a large barn to a fire this morning.

A beef farm near Sackville, N.B., lost a large barn to a fire on Saturday morning.

Neighbour Holly Murley says the blaze broke out between nine and 10 a.m. at the Dixon farm in Point De Bute.

"My husband heard a huge banging noise, like a vehicle backfiring or a gunshot or something like. And seen huge billowing smoke coming from over at our neighbours," she said. "So we ran across the field and already there were people running around and trying to get vehicles out of the way."

Murley said the barn was used to store tools and dump trucks.

"Actually there was a gentleman [who] ran over and started the dump truck and drove it out of it and saved their dump truck."

She said the building is destroyed.

The fire is now out.