Bathurst City Council passed a bylaw Monday night that will make city streets quieter this summer, by limiting the amount of noise motorcycles can make.

The new bylaw is intended to crack down on what council called excessive motorcycle noise, with a limit of 92 decibels.

Mayor Stephen Brunet said the bylaw is not meant to target the average biker.

"If you're not going through town making all kinds of racket and noise, you're going to be left alone," Brunet explained. "If you're one over or one under or whatever, well that depends on how you drive through our city and what kind of racket you make with your bike."

Riders crowded into city hall in Bathurst last night before the meeting to make sure councillors understood that they did not support the bylaw. A sign that read "welcome to Bathurst, bikers discriminating city" was rested against the mayor's desk.

James Loose said even his motorcycle, which hasn't been modified, wouldn't pass the 92 decibel limit.

"94 - a couple over...that means I won't be riding in town no more. I'm gonna have to push it in town," Loose said.