The imposing silos of the defunct paper mill in Bathurst are an eyesore to many, but one former New Brunswick resident sees something much different — a giant canvas.

Wayne Wood now lives in Montreal, but he remembers growing up in New Brunswick when the mill was a source of pride in Bathurst. 

When the mill was decommissioned, nothing was done with the property. Wood wants to change that.

"When I laid my eyes on these silos and realized that they presented an amazing 360 degree canvas, it struck me that that would be a fabulous place for someone to do street art," he said.

Wood is getting some help from a Montreal street artist and is now asking Bathurst residents what they want to see painted on the structures.

"Thanks to social media, it's amazing how easy it is to find people of the same mind, with similar interests, and to make things happen," he said.

Something should be done with the silos, according to Connie Mazerolle, who sees them out the window of the gas station on Bridge Street where she works.

"To me, it doesn't look good," she said. "They should clean it up, make that look good."

Wood is setting up a committee of volunteers and plans to visit the site over Easter to get the project underway.