Bathurst received 68 centimetres of snow on Wednesday and Thursday. (CBC)

Bathurst is in the process of digging out from a major snow storm that dumped 68 centimetres of snow on the northern city this week.

Many northern New Brunswick communities were covered by a deep blanket of snow on Wednesday and Thursday, but Bathurst had the largest accumulation of snow.

Jim Abraham, a CBC meteorologist, said Bathurst residents received 26 cm of snow on Thursday night, which was on top of Wednesday’s storm.

"That added up to 68 cm over the two-day period. So they really got hammered there," Abraham.

Abraham said there will still be a few flurries on Friday but the sun should come out in the afternoon.

Sunny skies are predicted all weekend, according to the meteorologist.

Todd Pettigrew, a city engineer who is in charge of the clean-up operation in Bathurst, said the crews were having a tough time battling the snow.

He said employees were working around the clock to clear the snow.

And he said the high winds and snow forced closures of the Veterans’ Bridge and Harbourview Boulevard has to be closed.

Pettigrew said the crews are still working on the final clean up.

While it has been a lot of work, he said the 68 cm of snow is actually good for the northern economy.

"Within 24 hours, all the snowmobile trails and all the streets are cleaned so I think it's great for the snowmobile industry in the area and for the local ski hills in the region," he said.