Bathurst retailers will now be able to pick their own hours of operation. (Google)

Bathurst retailers will now be able to choose their own Sunday hours of operation after city council rescinded its Sunday shopping bylaw on Tuesday.

The Retail Council of Canada is applauding the move.

"Consistently across Canada over the last number of years we've had customers coming in saying, 'Look, we would really appreciate it if you could have a little more flexibility in your opening hours,'" said Jim Cormier, the council's Atlantic director.

"You know, for some customers that might mean, 'I'd like it if you could be open longer hours.' In others, they might say, 'Look, you know, even if you could just be open a little bit earlier in the morning,' or maybe, 'a little bit later in the evening.'"

Cormier said it makes financial sense to allow retailers to figure out the hours that work best for their business.

Riverview and Florenceville-Bristol have made similar recent decisions, he said.

Fredericton is also discussing the issue.