With signs of spring now underway, Bathurst police will soon be patrolling for noisy motorcycles.

The city put in a bylaw last spring to crack down on excessive motorcycle noise, and though many bikers got off with warnings last summer, officials say they won’t go so easy this season.

Stefane Nantel has been enjoying the sun on his motorcycle for a few weeks now.

"This is a touring bike and it's very quiet. For myself, the quieter the better," Nantel said.

The bylaw targets any motorcycle going over 92 decibels — about the range of a lawnmower and a level where sustained exposure can lead to hearing damage.

Anything above that could mean a $130 fine and anyone refusing to submit to the test can have his or her licence plate seized.

"All our equipment is in and we're ready to go out and start testing," said Sgt. James MacDonald.

Last year, bikers were given an amnesty period to soften the roar of their pipes.

"We're not going to order anyone to change their pipes — we're not going to do that. But if you drive your bike in the city and you're over the decibel requirements, you will be ticketed," MacDonald said.

Steven Pitre's new Yamaha came with a noisy exhaust system, which he changed after one day of owning it.

"My wife told me to take them off. She found it too loud," Pitre said with a laugh. "It was a lose-lose situation for me. There was no win-win for me."