The Bathurst Airport will get $2.2 million from the federal government to repair and maintain its runway.

It's the only airport in northern New Brunswick that offers regular passenger service.

Bathurst Mayor Stephen Brunet said the money will pay to fix damage sustained over the last several winters.

"Winters are cold and snowy here in northern New Brunswick. Those winter conditions have been especially hard on our aging runway and have increased damage and frost heaving over the past years," Brunet said.

"We needed this announcement just to keep our doors open and keep this airport going."

The funding will also buy more than $300,000 worth of equipment to maintain the runway.

Acadie-Bathurst NDP MP Yvon Godin said the facility would not be able to stay open without the repairs.

"This is just the beginning because what needs to be done now is the airport authority needs now to make the request for the renewal of our airport and make sure that this airport gets what needs to be done," Godin said.

Flights to and from the airport will be cancelled for three weeks during repairs this September, including the two daily Air Canada Jazz flights to Montreal.

The airport authority is also looking for money to expand its runway and terminal.

The number of passengers travelling through the facility has jumped in recent years.

There were 21,110 people coming through the airport in 2006.  That increased to 41,083 in 2008.