Twenty-three Saint John students are being recognized for their significant behavioural, social or academic improvements Thursday night.

The Grade 6 to 12 students are being given Turnaround Achievement Awards in a ceremony at the Lily Lake Pavilion.

'There's a lot of emotion in many of these stories.' - Zoe Watson

Many of the stories are inspiring, says Zoe Watson, Anglophone South School District superintendent.

"You may hear of some students who have faced adversity in their life. Young girls who have perhaps have had babies, severe health issues, drug issues. Certainly very heartwarming stories as we learn of their turnaround," said Watson.

"The students haven't made the turnaround on their own. They've had the support of their families — and it's parents, sometimes it's extended family members, or mentors and members of the staff. So you'll see a lot of very proud students. There's a lot of emotion in many of these stories."

Ten students from the St. Stephen area received Turnaround awards on Tuesday and 23 more will be awarded the honour at an event in Hampton next week.