Fredericton Police

The Fredericton Police Force said a forensic autopsy was performed on the body discovered in a wooded section of a Fredericton park on Monday morning. (CBC)

A forensic autopsy has been completed on the body discovered in a wooded section of Fredericton's Odell Park on Monday morning.

The autopsy was performed in Saint John on Tuesday and the Fredericton Police Force is now waiting for a pathology report on the cause of death.

Dental records are also being examined to confirm the identity of the body, said Insp. Martin Gaudet.

Police have not confirmed the identity or gender of the body.

Gaudet said it is too early to tell exactly how long the remains have been in the park. However, he said the body had been in the woods for quite some time.

It is also too early in the investigation to tell if any foul play was involved, according to Gaudet.

Fredericton police currently have two missing person files open, but it's too soon to say whether they are related to the remains, he said.

The police investigation is continuing.

The body was found in a remote section of the park on Monday at about 9 a.m. by students from Fredericton High School who were walking the trails.

A police spokesperson told reporters on Monday the body was found down an embankment, which he estimated was a 15-minute walk from the entrance to the 162-hectare park.

Police and firefighters were at the scene gathering evidence most of the day on Monday.

"Around 5:30 [p.m.] we were able to take away the body and all of the associated evidence away," said Gaudet.