Auto insurance review should start: Liberals

New Brunswick's Liberal opposition is urging the Progressive Conservative government to keep its promise to review the minor injury cap for people injured in vehicle accidents.

New Brunswick's Liberal opposition is urging the Progressive Conservative government to keep its promise on car insurance.

Liberal MLA Chris Collins says the Progressive Conservatives' 10-point election checklist was a gimmick they haven't followed through on. ((CBC) )

During the election campaign, the Tories said if elected, they review a cap on payments to people who suffer minor injuries in accidents.

The current cap is $2,500, the lowest in the country.

So far, the government has announced the creation of a working group, but has not appointed anyone to the group to do the review. During the election campaign, they said they'd have the review underway by November 4.

Liberal MLA Chris Collins, the party's Justice critic, says it's time to get moving.

"We're not opposed to having this commission," he said. "It's something that does need to be reviewed, but we're wondering why it's taken eight weeks since it was announced in the legislative assembly to get it actually even started."

Collins said the Conservatives' "10 in '10" election checklist that listed 10 promises to be completed this year —including the start of the insurance review — was a political ploy.

"This is a gimmick to garner votes during the election campaign and they're not following through."

Conservatives say it's been harder to find people to sit on the review committee than it expected, but now hopes to have it up and running next week.