A 37-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting in Fredericton early Tuesday morning.

Benjamin Nason appeared in Fredericton provincial court on Wednesday afternoon, but has not yet entered plea.

He has been remanded in custody. A bail hearing has been scheduled for Monday at 1 p.m.

A 40-year-old Fredericton woman, who was shot outside her Lincoln Heights home and then fled to a neighbour's home for help, remains in intensive care after undergoing surgery. Fredericton police said she is in stable condition.


Benjamin Nason will remain in jail until a bail hearing on Monday. (CBC)

Officers responded to a call of gun shots being fired in the Fredericton neighbourhood at about 2 a.m. on Tuesday, when they found the woman suffering from a single gunshot wound to her upper body.

The male suspect fled to a home in Beaver Dam, about 20 minutes away from the shooting scene, where a 14-hour standoff with the RCMP unfolded.

He was arrested without incident when he surrendered to police outside the home, said Const. Danielle Carmichael.

The victim and suspect knew each other, but were not a couple, Carmichael said.

"There was a relationship there, but we're still investigating what the nature of that relationship was," she said.

Police do not believe any children or other family members were involved, Carmichael said.

'Complex' investigation

She said Fredericton Police officers prepared and executed several search warrants overnight.

Carmichael said the police are still in the "very early stages in the investigation," which she described as "complex."

"The initial contact was made inside a residence. The female then fled the residence, where she was shot outside and then managed to make it to a neighbouring residence," she said.

"So we’re dealing with several areas where our forensic identification team attended yesterday and we’re still trying to gather those pieces of evidence and put it all together."

Carmichael could not comment on whether the case is linked to a fire in the area earlier in the week.

"I can confirm that there is an arson investigation ongoing, but I can’t confirm at this time whether the parties involved in that investigation are the same parties involved in this," she said.



  • An earlier version of this story indicated the victim suffered a gunshot to a specific part of her body. RCMP have only said it was a single gunshot wound to her upper body.
    Sep 12, 2013 6:47 AM AT