The Beaverbrook Art Gallery offered aspiring artists a chance to sell their work in an effort to raise money for the provincial art gallery.

About 200 people turned out on Wednesday night for the event that was dubbed, "Stay Calm and Collect Art."

The gallery sent out an invitation inviting any gallery member to submit one or two pieces for sale. 

The gallery would showcase the items in the provincial art gallery and split the sale price with the artists.


The Beaverbrook Art gallery offered artists the chance to sell their works in the provincial gallery. (CBC)

Terry Graff, the chief curator of the art gallery, said 94 pieces of art were submitted to be a part of the inaugural event.

"We thought we'd try an experiment. We know a lot of our members are closet artists, some are professional artists, so let's celebrate the creativity of our members," he said.

Sandi McKessock is one of the artists who will see their art hung in the provincial art gallery. She has two pieces in the show.

"This is exciting, the whole evening is incredible. This might be my only chance to have paintings hanging at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery," she said.