Moncton Artisan's Village

The Artisan Village in Moncton is a warehouse on Main Street where artists can rent a studio or sell their art. The business filed for bankruptcy last week. (Facebook)

More artists are coming forward to say they have not been paid by the man who started the Artisan Village in Moncton.

Shane Myers filed for bankruptcy last week, leaving several artists and other creditors in the lurch.

Myers owes approximately $36,000 to creditors, including Enterprise Greater Moncton, the Royal Bank and three local artists, according to documents obtained by CBC News.

Vanessa Lavoie said Myers never paid her about $150 after selling three of her paintings last year.

Lavoie said she's written it off as a bad business experience.

“I think he was not professional with me because he never asked me to sign a contract with him first,” Lavoie said.

'It really hurts because you've worked so hard trying to keep your business going and then to lose money through somebody else is like a kick in the throat.' - Dave Francis

Myers also has wampum jewellery from quahog shells on consignment.

Dave Francis, the business manager for Wildabout Wampum, said he and his wife haven't been paid since Christmas.

He's surprised the couple is not listed as creditors.

“Certainly I want to be listed as a creditor. Who knows how this will all play out but we are owed money and we're entitled to it,” he said.

Francis said it is tough for small businesses to absorb losses, especially in a bankruptcy situation.

"I think the worst thing about it is we're a small business. We're like most small businesses, we try to make a living," Francis said.

"Lots of times it's hard and when you lose money on ventures like this. It really hurts because you've worked so hard trying to keep your business going and then to lose money through somebody else is like a kick in the throat."

On Tuesday, Myers told CBC News that Lavoie and Francis will be paid.

But Myers is not without his supporters.

Moncton's Nancy Allen makes and sells jewellery at the Artisan Village. Allen said she's never had any trouble with Myers.

"He sells my work and does that while I'm not here and I've never had any issue of getting paid for that," she said.

Ginette Arsenault of Shediac also said she has never had any problems with Myers during her time at the Artisan Village.

CBC News contacted Allan Marshall Associates, the trustee who is handling the bankruptcy case.

Myers has listed his total assets at $6,500. A spokesperson said the firm is still waiting to hear about other creditors and potential assets.

The Artisan Village is located on Main Street and features artists' studios, an art gallery, a boutique and a café.