Along with knocking down trees and taking out power lines, post-tropical storm Arthur did a number on cars in New Brunswick, creating a backlog in autobody shops.

People stand to wait months to get their dented hoods and cracked windows fixed.

Cart corral

Pauline McIntyre's car was crushed by a flying cart corral in the Sobeys parking lot in Fredericton. (Submitted by Shane Fowler)

Pauline MacIntyre's car was crushed when the grocery cart corral in the Sobeys parking lot was lifted into the air — six mooring spikes and all — by the wind and landed on top of it.

"It lifted the cart corral right straight up, it moved it over five parking spots, and then landed on top of my car," said MacIntyre, who was working in Sobeys at the time.

It took nine people to remove the cart corral from MacIntyre's car.

The doors, windshield, fenders and windows all need to be replaced. With a paint job and labour costs, the bill adds up to an estimated $10,000 at the local Chevrolet dealer.

It will be about three weeks before MacIntyre's car is fixed.

"I miss my car," she said.

"I want my car back. But it could have been so much worse."

Dozens, or perhaps hundreds of cars, were damaged by falling trees, flying signs or other debris on Saturday.

Robin Edwards, a damage estimator at Carstar, said it could be weeks or even months before they are fixed.

"We've seen a huge increase in the customers coming in with damage caused by trees, probably 75 per cent," said Edwards.

And the surge comes on top of an already busy season, he said.

"Because of the huge increase and the amount of damage that we're getting, and because people are on vacation and in the summer time we don't generally see this much damage at one time, we are experiencing backlogs," he said.