Angel, by Herzl Kashetsky, is a portrait of a woman created with text in ink. It measures about three feet by four feet. (Courtesy of Saint John High School)

The RCMP in Saint Andrews are investigating the theft of artwork from a home in the town over the weekend.

One of the stolen pieces, entitled Angel, by Herzl Kashetsky, is a portrait of a woman created with text, Cpl. Jayson Hansen stated in a release.

Pieces of pottery, blown glass and an indoor wooden swing were also stolen from the home on Parr Street.

Stephen Morgan, who owns the home, but rents it out, expressed disbelief about the incident in a Facebook posting late Sunday.

"Just got a call from the house agent. My St. Andrews place was vandalized today and they only took my art — works that have been made by friends over the years, brilliant art and pots and glass … my Tom Smith collection, my [Herzl Kashetsky], Jon Sawyer … Who the hell steals art in St. Andrews?!"

The town only has about 1,889 residents, including several artists.

Morgan's Facebook friends called the news "heartbreaking," "bloody dreadful," and "just awful."

Police believe the break-in occurred some time between Saturday evening or early Sunday morning.

Melanie Wood, who rents the home, told CBC News she went away for the weekend. When she returned home on Sunday, she discovered a number of pieces were missing.

Wood said it appears whoever broke in knew what they were looking for.

"It's not like they didn't know who we were and broke in, or they would have taken the liquor and money. There's money, I have nice jewelry. None of that's gone. Like, we have snowshoes, camping gear, things that would have been quick sells," she said.

"And there's, like, so many other things still here. There's a Tom Smith Sr. collage on the wall that's worth a significant amount of money. Then there's a piece of pottery on the table that's worth … like, there's probably $10,000 I'd say, just estimating, of other artwork and pottery."

Wood believes the culprit probably only took the pieces of art he or she personally liked.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the District 1 RCMP at 1-506-755-1130, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).