Anthony 'Tony' Ward of Fredericton still missing after 1 year

It has been one year since 56-year-old Tony Ward of Fredericton disappeared and there has been no new information for police to try and find him.

56-year-old last seen at gas station in Chipman, his car was found in a nearby church parking lot

It has been a year since 54-year-old Tony Ward of Fredericton disappeared and there has been no new information for police to try and find him.

While the missing person file with the Fredericton Police Force remains open, it is inactive without any new evidence or leads.

Spokesperson Alycia Bartlett said the case is not closed and police will continue the investigation if any new evidence or information comes to light.

The only evidence police located was Ward's car, found abandoned in a church parking lot in Chipman.

Inside was a half a cup of coffee Ward had bought at a local gas station.

Tanya Spencer and Marilyn McAllister were working that night and were the last two people to see Ward.

The Fredericton businessman was caught on caught on tape going to the washroom and then making two transactions.

In addition to the coffee, he bought a pair of foot warmers.

Last seen at Chipman gas station

"He didn't have real good winter clothing on, I can remember that, for the storm that kind of was coming down or whatever. And that was about it. It was just normal," said Spencer.

McAllister added Ward wasn't really a very talkative person, so he wasn't somebody that really stood out to remember.

Police did not find the foot warmers or the packaging they came in in Ward's car.

Ward's cell phone was found in his home, an hour away.

Ward's family has said it made no sense for him to be in Chipman because he has no family, or known friends in the small rural community.

Ward, an energy systems consultant at Enbridge Gas, was reported missing after he didn't show up for work. Co-workers went to his home and couldn't find him

Several searches of the area were conducted but there was no trace of Ward was found.

He is described as five foot nine inches and approximately 175 pounds with brown eyes. He also has short, graying hair and a moustache.

Police say if the public has any has information about Ward's disappearance to call them at 506-460-2300.


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