Another business at the Chocolate River Station is leaving, just three years after the renovated fire station opened in Riverview.

When the Chocolate River Station opened, it was touted to be a draw for tourism activity for the town.

Now a third business in the location has closed in as many years and only a handful remain.

As the centre continues to struggle to fill the spaces, the town is looking away from tourism-based businesses.

Tracy Chase is in the process of unpacking her gallery and setting up shop at home after recently moving her business out of the centre.

"The business just wasn't there. It's just so hard to get people to know about the Chocolate River Station and get them into the Chocolate River Station and sales compared to last year have substantially decreased."

Chase says there were problems with signs and communication between vendors and the town wasn't reliable.

Riverview Mayor Ann Seamans says it's always disappointing when a business leaves.

The town runs the centre and is working with a real estate firm to help fill the space.

She says the town is moving away from tourist-focused businesses.

"Tourism as you know has been down right across the province and we have thought maybe we should gear away. We do have our tourist information there, and that is certainly bringing in people that come to our community; they're stopping in and that's a great draw," Seamans said.

"But, like I say, the businesses that are there probably should be geared for year-round. That's what we're looking for at this time."

She’s hopeful things will improve at the centre.

"It's very unfortunate that we've lost another business, but we know that it's growing pains and we will be able to have it up and running in the years to come."

Two businesses have recently come into the building.

Chase says she may consider returning if there was a different landlord.