New Maryland residents are being warned that a bear may be roaming around the village. (Province of New Brunswick)

The Village of New Maryland is warning people to stay away from Forbes Field in the community after a bear escaped from Department of Natural Resources officials.

New Maryland Mayor Judy Wilson-Shee said provincial officials had recently trapped a nuisance bear in the area but the bear got away.

The mayor said she's been told the bear will likely be more aggressive after escaping the trap.

'I don't think it would be very pleasant to come across an angry bear.' — New Maryland Mayor Judy Wilson-Shee

"Some of the older boys, they go into Forbes Field to play. We're asking everybody to stay away until after this bear's captured. I don't think it would be very pleasant to come across an angry bear," Wilson-Shee said.

Wilson-Shee said another trap has been set in the area and officials are hoping the bear will be recaptured by Wednesday night.

The mayor is also warning residents to take steps to discourage the bear from coming onto their properties.

"There's a possibility, yes, that it could be angry and aggressive where it's already been captured once. People should take their bird feeders down, keep their garbage in locked secure places so the bear doesn't have any temptation to come onto the property," she said.

Wilson-Shee said if anyone spots the bear they should contact the village office or the Department of Natural Resources.