Residents on Ammon Road, a five-kilometre rural stretch outside of Moncton, say they have the worst thoroughfare in New Brunswick.

George Wybouw says he has counted more than 400 potholes on the road.

Ammon Road potholes

Residents along Ammon Road are asking the province to help fill in the numerous potholes until resurfacing takes place this spring. (CBC)

"Everyone is complaining," he said.

"Some people had their windshield broken on their car. I had rocks on my car."

Wybouw says the province did repair the road, but the work was not up to par. 

"According to me, [they didn't use] the proper technique to repair the road. It was kind of an amateur job."

Some residents have taken to calling the road the Ammon Trail and are ready to park their cars for the winter and use snowmobiles instead.

"There's a lot of frustration on the part of all my neighbours. We're all in the same situation and it's costing us a lot of dollars and a lot of frustration," said Garney Wiseman.

'Drive slow'

He is worried that the road has become too dangerous to drive and that someone is going to get hurt.

George Wybouw - custom

Resident George Wybouw says he's counted 400 potholes on the 5-km stretch of Ammon Road. (CBC)

Wiseman wants the province to step in and help with the potholes until a permanent fix can be made in the spring.

"The powers that be should at least inform us what they're going to do to help us out. They cannot possibly leave this go on until the spring or we'll have nothing but a bunch of busted vehicles and large repair bills," he said.

Wiseman says he's been waiting to hear from his MLA, John Betts.

Betts wasn't available for an on-camera interview, but he confirms there are no plans to do anything to the road until spring.

In the meantime, he says, residents just have to drive slow.

On Tuesday afternoon, the province's Transportation Minister Claude Williams confirmed that Ammon Road will be resurfaced this year.

His department says paving should be completed by June 30.

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