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Alma, known for its tides, has been listed as one of the top 10 Canadian cities to visit in 2016. (Submitted by Brittney MacDonald)

Alma may not be a city, but its mayor says the exposure Expedia.ca has provided through a recent online story is great.

The online travel company listed Alma as one of the top ten cities in Canada to visit in 2016.

Kirstin Shortt says when she first heard about it she thought it was kind of odd, because Alma is is not a city.

"I went onto the website to see what it was about. Sure enough, there we were, Alma, New Brunswick," said Shortt.

'It's a small place.' - Kirstin Shortt, mayor of Alma

She says it was a pleasant surprise to see the village listed there along with nice photos and a write-up.

But as for being a city, Shortt says it certainly is not, with a population of 232 in the winter and double in the summer.

"It's a small place," she said.

Despite being listed as a city, the mayor says being included in the list puts Alma within a great group.

"We are trying to share this with tourists and now with the extra exposure we are getting, I think we are going to get more local traffic," she said.

The exposure from the Expedia posting has generated comments on Alma's Facebook page and Tourism New Brunswick congratulated Alma on the top ten listing through their social media links.

Close to National Fundy Park

Tourism is one of the main industries in Alma along with the lobster and scallop fishery. It is also considered the gateway to Fundy National Park.

"A lot of our businesses are seasonal because they are tourism establishments  and the more tourists we get the happier and more prosperous we are," Shortt said.

She says the village's main attraction is the wharf, because that is where anyone can witness the tidal experience.

"The boats are either in the mud or up at par with the dock," said Shortt.

The mayor says the village is creating more more tourist attractions and festivities to help keep tourists in Alma for a full day to experience the full tidal cycle.

Shortt says the village works closely with Fundy National Park .

"We don't exist without the either, it's sort of like a symbiotic relationship," said Shortt.