Alicia Boone's family seeks answers in suspicious death

The family of Alicia Dawn Boone is asking for the public's help in figuring out how she died and for privacy as they grieve.

Issues plea to end speculation, rumours

The family of Alicia Dawn Boone is asking for the public's help in figuring out how she died and for privacy as they grieve.

The body of the 26-year-old woman, who was seven months pregnant, was disovered in a ditch along Killarney Road, north of Fredericton, on Tuesday.

Police say her death is suspicious and are awaiting autopsy results.

Alicia Dawn Boone, 26, was found dead along the side of a road north of Fredericton. (CBC)

"To say this has been a difficult time for my family would be an understatement," Boone's older sister, Kristy Boone, said in a public statement Friday at RCMP headquarters in Fredericton.

"We've lost a sister, a daughter and a friend in a very public way," she said, calling Alicia's death "devastating."

The family is searching for answers and urging anyone with information to contact police.

"The circumstances surrounding Alicia’s death remain a mystery for now and any small piece of information may be the piece they need to shed light on what’s happened," she said.

"Nothing could bring Alicia back to us. But we do want to know what's happened."

Was turning life around

Boone said her younger sister, who had been living in Fredericton for the past several years, was starting to turn her life around.

"She was looking forward to being a mother. She was trying to do what had to be done to be a good mother," she said.

Alicia had struggled with addictions and had at least one run-in with the law. She was involved with Denis Joseph Sivret Sr.

Sivret is well-known to police in Fredericton and has served time in jail for assaulting a homeless man.

But Boone said Alicia recently moved back home to Nackawic to live with her parents.

"There was a period where it was not always easy, but my father was always the rock in her life. He was the one she turned to most," Boone said.

She appealed to the public not to speculate or spread rumours about her sister.

"Please understand that speculation does not help the police discover what’s happened, nor does it make the situation any easier for my family.

"Spreading unfounded rumours only causes further grief for us and our close friends."

The RCMP are also calling for an end to speculation and rumours.

"The fear with rumours and speculation is that people may come to assumptions that are false and may hold back information believing that we have all the answers," said Cpl. Chantal Farrah.

"So that's why I've been stressing the importance of coming forward with any information you have."

It's unclear when the autopsy results will be available, said Farrah.

A funeral for Alicia will be held at Flewelling Funeral Home in Nackawic on Saturday at 2 p.m.