Former classmates of Alicia Dawn Boone are remembering the 26-year-old woman, who was found dead north of Fredericton this week, as a person with big smile, who was excited to be having a baby.

The RCMP identified Boone as the person who was discovered on Tuesday afternoon near a community mailbox on Killarney Road. 

She was about seven months pregnant and the RCMP’s major crime investigators don't yet know how she died.

Boone, who grew up in the mill town of Nackawic, graduated in 2004 and her yearbook said she planned to attend the Atlantic Business College.

Belinda Christie grew up with Boone and said she will always remember her smile.


Alicia Dawn Boone, 26, was found dead along the side of a road north of Fredericton. (CBC)

"She just could light up a room anywhere, just by that grin," she said.

"The way she frolicked down the hall in high school, I do remember that too. She was a lot of fun."

Boone’s father worked at the local paper mill and her mother was a school teacher. She was the youngest of four girls.

Natasha Kerr said Boone had just moved back home and she saw her on Halloween.

Kerr said they hugged and she introduced Boone to her children.

"We talked about the baby and she seemed to be doing so good and so happy," she said.

The RCMP’s major crime unit is investigating Boone’s death and has spoken to a number of people. An autopsy is being conducted.

Police have not said whether there were any visible signs of trauma or how the victim was clothed.

People in Nackawic remember Boone was in a serious all-terrain vehicle accident several years ago and that she had a long recovery period.

Kerr said she stopped hanging around with Boone almost a decade ago.

"She was in the drugs, and I mean it was really obvious seven or eight years ago that she was starting to get heavy into the drugs," she said.

The family says they need time to mourn the death of their daughter and her unborn child.  But Boone’s family says they also want answers into how she died.

Her former classmate said her death is troubling.

"She was only 26 years old and to know that she was pregnant with a baby, nobody deserves that," Kerr said.