New Brunswick actor and professional wrestler Robert Maillet

Robert Maillet, who is seven feet tall, is looking for help finding his custom-made, extra large wedding ring. (Facebook)

A well-known New Brunswick actor and professional wrestler is hoping today's unlucky date brings him some good luck.

Robert Maillet, who was married on a Friday the 13th, 16 years ago, has lost his wedding ring and is looking for help to find it.

He has posted an ad on Facebook. "Lost a man's gold wedding band (very large)," it states.

Maillet, who is seven feet tall, is so big his wife had to have the ring specially made by having two wedding rings spliced together.

He says he's taken some good-natured ribbing since he posted the ad on Thursday.

"I got some funny jokes out of it, of course. You know, 'Oh, I have it here, I'm using it as a hula hoop,'" said Maillet, who has played a giant villain in movies such as 300 and Sherlock Holmes.

He believes he lost the ring on Thursday, somewhere in the Bouctouche or Rexton area, possibly at a Tim Hortons, or in the Co-op or Kent parking lots.

"I mean I could have lost it during the day, anytime of the day, I guess. I mean, I realized it was missing in the evening when I looked at my finger — 'Oh, its gone.'"

Maillet is now trying to retrace his steps.

He says he lost his gigantic ring once before in an eight-hectare field, but managed to find it. He's hoping he gets lucky again.