Three black bear cubs that were abandoned near Fredericton last month are gaining weight and continuing to recover at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute.

Barry Rothfuss, the institute’s executive director, said in an email the bear cubs have each gained about 1.5 pounds since they arrived at the centre.

"As you are probably aware, they still have a long way to go in order to be capable of being successfully returned to the wild," Rothfuss said in an email.

"Since their rescue, and being sent to our facility, we have been receiving many requests by individuals to come and visit them at AWI which we have had to decline."


Three bear cubs were discovered in a snowbank near Fredericton in March. (CBC)

He said the institute will not be exposing the cubs to the public.

The black bear cubs are likely to remain at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute for at least a year before being released back into the wild.

The bears were discovered by Zen Fedory and Krissy Green on March 21 as they were heading to their home in Springfield, located outside of Fredericton.

Fedory and Green pulled over and waited to see if there was a mother bear around but there was no sign of her and eventually they decided to call the Department of Natural Resources.

When the DNR official arrived, he found a basket and a blanket not far from where the cubs had been.