Chief Aaron Sock will serve a second term as the chief of Elsipogtog First Nation after being acclaimed in band council elections.

Sock was at the centre of the shale gas dispute last summer, at one point issuing an eviction notice to SWN Resources Canada and telling the exploration company it was not welcome in the area.

However, Sock says his community is facing many other challenges.

Elsipogtog First Nation Chief Aaron Sock

Elsipogtog First Nation Chief Aaron Sock was acclaimed for a second term as chief. (CBC)

"We're growing at about maybe 50 kids a year here in Elsipogtog, so to not have anything planned is something that really worries me," said Sock.

Sock says those children need an education and a chance to find work near their home.

Jean Marie Sock, a distant cousin says she approves of the chief's stand against shale gas exploration.

But she said Sock won her respect for other reasons.

"We got brand new sidewalks. He did a lot," she said.

Marilyn Simon Ingram remembers when before Sock was elected chief, he helped out after a big fire in the community.

"He came over and he asked what we needed I told him and he brought tons of food for the people," she said.

She expects Sock will have lots of support during his second term.

"The real challenge is that we're still dealing with shale gas and it'll be made easier because people are very devoted to him," she said.

"In fact, as far as I know, since I've been a little girl, he's only the second chief to ever make it in by acclamation."

The other person to be acclaimed chief was Albert Levi, who was chief for 27 years, she said.