A Moncton paramedic and 911 dispatcher who talked a panicking husband through a speedy delivering got to meet the man on the other end of the line Tuesday.

Andrew Vautour, a paramedic since 2006, says he remembers one particular call that came in at 5 a.m. several months ago.

A man on the other end of the line said his wife had gone into labour at home.

Vautour says he knew there wasn’t time to go to the hospital.

“Probably once he said he saw the head. He said ‘I can see it,’ and I knew there was no going back now. She's on the way,” said Vautour.

Andrew Vautour

911 dispatcher Andrew Vautour helped deliver baby Nadia seven months ago during a memorable phone call. (CBC)

On Tuesday, Vautour got to meet Matt Boudreau, the man who helped deliver baby Nadia, now seven months old.

Boudreau says he couldn't have delivered his daughter without Vautour's help. 

“He just guided me through everything. It was interesting, well more than interesting. It was something I'll never forget.”

Melissa McLatchy said she was in labour for 12 hours with her son. She thought her daughter would take time too.

“I'm like, 'We're having this baby here.' So he picked up the phone and he called 911,” she said.

In the end, her daughter was delivered just four minutes after the call started.

“I could see her face, and oh, the emotion was, it was overwhelming to be honest. It was incredible just to know she was almost there and I was holding her head,” said Boudreau.

This was the first time Vautour helped deliver a baby over the phone.

He says while he doesn't normally meet people he speaks to, he wanted to meet baby Nadia and her family.