The group was located about 12 kilometres into the woods, off of Gabriel Drive. (Google Maps)

Six people had to be rescued from the woods in Fredericton's north side on Tuesday night.

The group was stranded about 12 kilometres into the woods, off Gabriel Drive, after their vehicles became stuck around 8 p.m., said Paul Fleming, the acting fire chief.

"Two people were at the vehicles when we got there and the other four, we went into the woods for them," Fleming said.

"We brought three out and the person that was on a three-wheeler who showed us where to go, they brought the other one out on the back of that."

No one was injured, but they were all cold and wet, said Fleming.

It could have been a serious incident if they hadn't been rescued before the snowstorm moved in, he said.

"It was cold and it was quite windy and it wouldn't have been a very good situation if we hadn't been in and brought them out."