Fines for speeding in construction areas double in New Brunswick. ((CBC))

On Wednesday, 45 speeding tickets were issued during a four-hour time period on Highway 1 in the Norton area.

The RCMP's South West Traffic Services Unit conducted an enforcement blitz targeting motorists for speeding in highway construction zones.

A similar operation conducted in Charlotte County last week resulted in 61 people being ticketed for speeding in construction zones.

Motorists are reminded that the fines for speeding in a construction zone in New Brunswick are doubled.

In 2007, a Department of Transportation flagman was killed and three other road workers were injured, when a transport truck ploughed into a highway crew near Moncton.

That prompted the government to double the fines for speeding in construction zones.

Police enforcement in construction zones will continue throughout the construction season.

The blitz is to discourage speeding, dangerous driving and failure to wear seatbelts and to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on New Brunswick's highways, especially in construction zones.