'30-pound wonder' cat wows SPCA

The Fredericton SPCA is fundraising to help Tiny the cat live up to his name.

The Fredericton SPCA is fundraising to help Tiny the cat live up to his name.

Margo Bird, the executive director of the Fredericton SPCA, said Tiny was dropped off in a box on Dec. 30.

But she said staff members originally assumed the box contained a donation of office supplies or pet food. Until the box meowed.

"Lo and behold, there was our 30-pound wonder. Tiny and another normal-size cat Rapunzel, he was tucked underneath Tiny. So, I think, they were happy to get out of the box, to say the least," Bird said.

Tiny is a friendly male with long grey fur and green eyes and, the SPCA says, he weighed 13.5 kilograms when he was dropped off.

Tiny the cat was dropped off at the Fredericton SPCA. Tiny weighs 13.5 kilograms. (SPCA)
Tiny is the largest cat they have ever seen at the Fredericton SPCA. He is three times the size of an average cat.

Bird and others are concerned about the cat’s health.

Obesity is a risk factor for feline diabetes, breathing problems and arthritis.

They plan to put him on a diet once they find something he's willing to eat.

"At the moment he is not eating, so we are desperately trying to find a food that Tiny will eat, because when a feline does not eat that has life threatening repercussions as well," she said.

Tiny moved to a foster home on Thursday and a local veterinarian has volunteered to monitor his diet  free of charge.

The Fredericton SPCA has launched a weight loss challenge to help fundraise to pay for Tiny’s food.

The canned cat food is estimated to cost $4 to $5 per day.