3 trailers, car hauled out of storm Arthur sinkhole in Fredericton

Two cranes were at a Fredericton campground on Tuesday to haul three trailers and a car out of a massive sinkhole created by post-tropical storm Arthur over the weekend.

Massive sinkhole swallowed vehicles at Hartt Island RV Resort on Saturday

Massive sinkhole swallowed vehicles at Hartt Island RV Resort on Saturday 1:46

Three trailers and a car at a Fredericton campground were pulled Tuesday from the depths of a massive sinkhole created by post-tropical storm Arthur.

A large crane hauled a trailer out of a massive sinkhole at the Hartt Island RV Resort on Tuesday. (Caroline Gdyczynski/CBC)
Campers at the Hartt Island RV campground gathered around to watch as two large cranes hauled the vehicles and other items back to the surface.

The sinkhole, caused by Arthur's pounding rain, swallowed the items on Saturday afternoon as campers looked on.

No one was injured, but Nadine Cormier told CBC News "there were a few tense moments."

Some people were "screaming and yelling," she said.

Eddison Clowater feels fortunate he wasn't inside his trailer when it sunk into the ground.

"I'm glad it's out," he said. But he isn't counting on being able to salvage anything.

"I know I won't find what I'm hoping to find," he said.

Clowater's car was also a casualty. "The car is gone," he said. It was swept through a culvert and into the river, leaving behind a twisted frame.

Still, people at the campground say they are thankful the only damage was to property.

Lynn Richardson, who has been going there for years, says she has never seen anything like it before.

Eddison Clowater's car is a writeoff after it fell into a sinkhole and was swept through a culvert and into the river. (Caroline Gdyczynski/CBC)
"This here was just a major shock," said Richardson.

"We saw everybody running out here, there was a lot of commotion, people trying to get out before anything else happened," she said.

"It's a traumatic thing, you know and you always think, 'My God, what if it happened in the middle of the night and we were sleeping in it?'"

'Tricky' recovery

The recovery procedure was tricky, said crane operator Robin Phillips.

"The biggest process is making sure you've got good ground to set your crane up with to start with, make sure everything is hooked right," he said.

"They could flip over or do anything. They might fall apart, technically," he said.

Some campers say they are pulling together to help those who lost property in the sinkhole.

Arthur brought heavy rain and high winds across the province.

Noonan recorded 140 mm of rain on Saturday, while Fredericton saw wind gusts of 100 km/h.