3 Rottweilers kill small dog in front of teen

A Fredericton-area family’s pet dog was killed last week by three neighbourhood Rottweilers that escaped from their kennel.

Ron Léger says his daughter experienced a 'terribly traumatic situation'

Marley, a Pomeranian-teacup poodle mix, was killed by three Rottweilers that escaped their kennel. (Courtesy of Ron Léger)

A Fredericton-area family’s pet dog was killed last week by three neighbourhood Rottweilers that escaped from their kennel.

Ron Léger said his 15-year-old daughter, Camille, was out for an after-school walk on May 7 near their home in Chateau Heights with Marley, their small Pomeranian-teacup poodle mix.

Léger said three Rottweilers came up to them and weren't aggressive at first, but the situation changed quickly.

"Camille got very nervous. She said she started to scream to get the dog away, the other dogs also were being very antagonistic towards Marley, nipping at them," he said.

"It became very violent very soon after."

Léger said a neighbour heard his daughter’s screams and came quickly to protect her from being hurt.

He said the neighbour punched and kicked at the Rottweilers to separate them from Camille and Marley. At roughly the same time, a woman came from the house where the dogs escaped.

Once the dogs were separated, Leger said his daughter called him and his wife at work.

While Camille came out of the incident with a few scrapes and bites, the little dog died of its injuries a short time later.

"A dog that size can't withstand that kind of attack. It was just too much for him," he said.

Léger said the incident shook up his daughter.

"I think she is in shock. She has gone through a terribly traumatic situation. She will never forget this for the rest of her life," he said.

Rottweilers’ owner ‘extremely apologetic’

Léger said the Rottweilers were able to get out of their kennel because it was damaged over the winter and the ground was very soft.

He said he has spoken with the owner of the Rotweillers about the attack.

"It was a very difficult situation, he is extremely apologetic. He has made a guarantee going to rebuild kennel with cement pads," he said.

"He doesn't want to see his dogs put down."

Police say no criminal charges will be laid as a result of the dog attack.

The Léger family is still considering its legal options but he said it’s important that they do not make any “rash” decisions.

He said what happened to Marley was an “accident,” but that should not erase the fact that their dog’s death could have been prevented.

"But at the same time he was negligent. You have to keep control, these are very powerful animals. You have to know what kind of kennel your dog is in," he said.

Léger said it’s important that others can learn from what happened to his family.

"The reason why we decided to come forward, my wife and I, with the information was simply just for an awareness in the neighbourhood and for everybody in different neighbourhoods," he said.

"You have to be aware if you're bringing your children outside, bringing your dog or children outside, what are the other dogs in the neighbourhood doing."