3 orphaned squirrels rescued in Fredericton

The Atlantic Wildlife Institute is helping three orphaned squirrels recently rescued by a woman and her daughter in the Fredericton area.

Baby squirrels being helped by SPCA, Atlantic Wildlife Institute after mother killed by a car

Three orphaned baby squirrels are now at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute. (Courtesy Fredericton SPCA/Facebook)

Alison Beaudoin and her daughter Amy came across a baby squirrel in their Fredericton yard recently and it was in need of help – the squirrel's mother had been hit and killed by a car.

A short while later, two more orphaned squirrels were found in the area and the family of orphans was reunited.

But that wasn't the end of the story.

LeeAnn Haggerty, the director of education and training with the Fredericton SPCA, took the first squirrel home on Sunday to help him mend.

"I was able to take him home and bottle-feed him and start to nurse him back to health," she said.

"The poor thing hadn't eaten in days."

The other two squirrels were taken to the Fredericton SPCA, which has staff members who are first responders for the Atlantic Wildlife Institute. The rehab centre is located in Sackville and involves a network of people that work towards rescuing lost, injured or disabled wild animals and rehabilitating them.

An Oromocto SPCA worker, who was taking a turtle to the Institute, picked up the squirrels Monday to take them to the rehab centre.

Before the squirrels were moved, the Fredericton SPCA couldn't help but post video of a hungry baby squirrel being fed.

At the Institute, the three squirrels were introduced to another orphaned grey squirrel.

"They are all together now, getting along great now, growing together," said Haggerty.