New Brunswick's infrastructure minister says he doesn't know why the Vitalité Health Network is raising questions about progress on two new facilities.

Claude Williams said two new health facilities in the province's north are on schedule.

"I don't know where Vitalité gets their information,” said Williams.

Vitalité officials recently told the health authority board there were disagreements between the company and the government over work done so far.

Williams said it's not the health network that's monitoring progress on the new Campbellton psychiatric hospital — it's his department — and he said the $124-million facility will open on time next October.

"There's no delay or anything major that has occurred," said Williams.

The minister also said a Vitalité spokesperson's comments about a detox centre in Edmundston were "speculation."

Vitalité said there was a risk of delay in finishing that building on time next fall because this year's construction budget was short some money, though that was later resolved. Williams said that’s not so.

"We are on budget and on schedule with the project.," he said.

SNC Lavalin, the builder of the Campbellton psychiatric hospital told CBC News in a written statement, while there have been some disagreements with the province about the work done so far, they are minor and will be resolved soon.