The RCMP are investigating two copper thefts that vandalized two small churches in Moncton and Salisbury.

The Middlesex Baptist Church and the Nixon United Baptist Church near Colpitt's Settlement were both broken into before their Sunday services. The thieves targeted the buildings' copper pipes and wires.

RCMP Sgt. Marco Papillon said the police are investigating the thefts and are seeking the public's help in finding the individuals responsible.

He said the increase in value for copper has made these types of thefts more frequent.

Work was being done at the Nixon United Baptist Church on Monday to replace the copper pipes that were stolden over the weekend.

Charles Geldart, a deacon at the church, said the thief took more than just copper from the small congregation.

"People are quite upset. I mean we're only a small congregation here and to have something like this happen it's quite disturbing to the people," Geldart said.

"We've never had a problem in the past. So they're quite emotional over some of the things that have happened breaking into the building and I guess stealing from the church."

It was not just the copper pipes that were targeted during the weekend theft.

Geldart said the cords from the fridge, coffee machines, tea kettles and the dehumidifier were also cut.

More wires were cut at the Middlesex Baptist Church. One person said a small amount of money was taken during the theft.