Two companies have applied to provide intercity bus service in New Brunswick.

Taxi Cormier Limitée, of Anse-Bleue, and Prestige Bus Services Ltd., of Moncton, have both applied to the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board for a motor carrier licence, according to the Royal Gazette.

Taxi Cormier Limitée wants to provide a charter service "between all points and over all routes in the province of New Brunswick, with the privilege of extending into other jurisdictions."

It is also seeking a scheduled licence for operation between residential communities in the counties of Gloucester, Restigouche, Victoria and Madawaska, up to the Quebec border and back, with the right to pick up and to drop off passengers at all points on Routes 11, 17, 1, 2 and 180 and the right to extend into other jurisdictions.

Prestige Bus Services wants to provide a charter-only service across New Brunswick, with the right to extend into other jurisdictions.

The EUB will review their applications on Oct. 2.

Acadian Lines, the only intercity coach line in the Maritimes, is shutting down its service at the end of November.

The company announced in August that it will be closing operations at Acadian Coach Lines in New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island and Acadian Intercity Coaches in Nova Scotia, saying it can't make a profit in the region.

Trius Tours, of P.E.I., has applied to replace the Acadian service in the region.

Meanwhile, Via Rail is considering integrating its rail service with intercity buses, president Marc Laliberté has said. Via is talking to bus operators, but Laliberté could not say when the service might be implemented.