The Fredericton Police are continuing an investigation into an incident early on Sunday morning where a dozen horses were found running loose at the Fredericton Exhibition grounds.

Patrolling officers discovered the horses running around the raceway track and numerous barns in the area had been broken into and the animals let out of their stalls.

The officers immediately called Charlie Miles, a horse owner, trainer and driver who has been involved at the raceway for 40 years.

He helped round up the excited and frightened horses.

"They're running in the infield, they're running around the barn area and on the racetrack," Miles said.

"First of all, you contain them to as small an area as you can by closing gates and forcing them out of areas you don't want them in [and] into areas where you want them in."

Miles said they managed to herd the animals back into their stalls. The horses only suffered a few minor injuries.

The police say they have spoken with a group of men who are subjects of interest in the investigation.

It's not yet been determined if charges of break and enter or mischief will be laid.