Brazil, Croatia, World Cup

Abbey Morice hopes to escort team Brazil at the final game. (Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Ten-year-old Abbey Morice of Sackville, New Brunswick is going to the World Cup final in Brazil —and she’s not just a spectator.

Morice will be walking players onto the field with an estimated 700 million people watching, all because she is one of five Canadian children to win the national contest.

Morice plays soccer but she won the trip because of the leadership she shows on the ice.

Because of her volunteering and sportsmanship, Morice took the top prize of escorting the players for the final game

“We haven't even left Canada, so I'm very excited, I've never even flown on a plane,” she said.

Matt Estabrooks, her hockey coach, entered her name to win.

“I didn't really think, you know, that somebody from Sackville, New Brunswick would have a chance. But I said if there's anybody deserving in Canada it would be Abbey.”

Since England's team is out of the running, Morice says she hopes she'll be walking Brazil onto the field
“It's very exciting, it's really exciting. It's fun to pack and stuff and to plan for it and it's going to be really cool,” she said.

She and her dad leave for Rio next Thursday.