10 worst roads in Atlantic Canada unveiled by CAA

The Canadian Automobile Association has released it annual list of the 10 worst roads in Atlantic Canada, as voted on by the public in an online poll.

4 in Nova Scotia, 3 in New Brunswick, 2 in Newfoundland and 1 in P.E.I., based on online poll

Three New Brunswick roads have made the CAA's list of the top 10 worst roads in Atlantic Canada.

Fredericton's Hanwell Road placed third, New Brunswick 630 in Andersonville came in fourth, while Ammon Road in Ammon was voted seventh worst by the public in the fourth annual Worst Roads campaign.

The list, compiled from an online poll, also includes four roads in Nova Scotia, two in Newfoundland and one in Prince Edward Island.

Nearly 5,300 votes were received, Gary Howard, CAA's vice-president of communications, stated in a release on Thursday.

"The Worst Roads campaign gives citizens a platform to bring attention to declining roads in their area," he said.

CAA's Top 10 Worst Roads in Atlantic Canada
1.Gillis Point East Road Washabuck Centre, N.S.
2.Trans-Labrador Highway Forteau, N.L.
3.Hanwell Road Fredericton, N.B.
4.New Brunswick 630 Andersonville, N.B.
5.Park Street Kentville, N.S.
6.Pleasantview Avenue Paradise, N.L.
7.Chemin Ammon Road Ammon, N.B.
8.Marble Mountain Road River Denys, N.S.
9.Trans-Canada HighwayNew Haven, P.E.I.
10.Aylesford Road Aylesford, N.S.

"The fact that so many Atlantic Canadians care enough to take notice and submit their vote underscores the importance of road repairs across the region."

Gillis Point East Road in Washabuck Centre, N.S., earned the dubious distinction of being voted the worst road in Atlantic Canada.

The other three roads in Nova Scotia on the list include: Park Street in Kentville, which ranked fifth, Marble Mountain Road in River Denys, which placed eighth, and Aylesford Road in Alyesford rounded out the list in the tenth spot.

Fred Whynot, the director of engineering and public works for Kentville, has said help is on the way for Park Street. The town put out a tender to fix the potholes and the company that won the bid is expected to repair the road, Whynot told CBC News last week.

Newfoundland has the second worst road in Atlantic Canada, according to the CAA list — the Trans-Labrador Highway in Forteau. Pleasantview Avenue in Paradise, N.L., came in sixth.

Meanwhile, P.E.I.'s Trans-Canada Highway in New Haven placed ninth.

The annual list offers municipal, provincial and federal governments a view of which roads need the most work, said Howard.

"We hope Worst Roads can help create a forum for governments to communicate with their constituents their maintenance plans for all roads in Atlantic Canada," he said.

The campaign ran from March 25 until April 25.