A group of Moncton parents are demanding the Francophone South School District improve the air quality around École Champlain or move the school out of an industrial area.

While provincial government tests have concluded the air is safe around the elementary school, that hasn't stopped the complaints from parents over fears about the safety of their children.

Solange Gagnon, a member of the parents committee, told a public meeting this week on the school’s future that they’ve seen a black cloud billowing out from a neighbouring business for roughly 60 days in the last year.

Gagnon said parents worry about particulates and noxious gases contained in those plumes.

The school was built in 1969 when only the asphalt plant, which is roughly 150 metres away, was in the area.


The quality of the air near Moncton's Ecole Champlain has been a concern for several years. (CBC)

There are now dozens of industrial companies that have cropped up near the kindergarten-to-Grade 5 school.

The committee is asking for a plan to be put in place by July to move the businesses out of the area and re-zone the area to allow only lighter industries.

Stephanie Hopper, the president of the school’s parents committee, said if moving the businesses is not possible then a new school must be looked at by the district.

Gilles Bourque, the chairperson of the Francophone South District Education Council, said moving the businesses might not be necessary.

"We wouldn't want to go in one direction while there might be a collective competency that we come out with another option or another approach," he said.

The district education council plans to address the parents recommendations at its Monday meeting.