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Liberal lead shrinks as Tories gain, CRA poll says
Liberal Leader Brian Gallant is clinging to a nine-point lead ahead of Monday's provincial election as the Progressive Conservatives have managed to chip away at the lead.
Cardy, Gallant spar over Nazi parody video tweeted by NDP candidate video
The final leaders’ debate before the Sept. 22 election spurred on several heated exchanges, including a testy exchange between NDP Dominic Cardy and Liberal Leader Brian Gallant.
New Paul Musgrave earns clarification over NDP shale gas policy
Paul Musgrave says NDP Leader Dominic Cardy issued him a written statement, assuring him the party takes concerns over the shale gas industry seriously, hours after the Kent South candidate said he regretted running for the party.

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with Bob Mersereau
The Wilderness of Manitoba taking over New Brunwick
The Wilderness of Manitoba taking over New Brunwick
Sep 19, 2:08 PM

The Wilderness Of Manitoba has always had a rich sound, but it started out with lots of harmonies and a decided folk leaning. Quite beautiful actually. That beauty is still here on the group's latest, but the music has moved... more »

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