NDP government would reverse Tory corporate tax cuts

A New Democratic Party government would reverse the corporate tax cuts brought in by the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper, Jack Layton said.

A New Democratic Party government would reverse the corporate tax cuts brought in by the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper, Jack Layton said.

"I will cancel his $50-billion tax giveaway to corporations," the NDP leader told supporters in Vancouver Saturday.

Harper took the surplus and gave tax breaks to corporations "already wallowing in record profits," Layton said. "That's your money."

Meanwhile, the Conservatives won't deal with "gouging" at the gas pump, and consumers getting "hosed" by cellphone, cable and credit card charges, Layton said.

The NDP is the real challenge to the Conservatives in the province, Layton said.

Harper "has to beat us here or we will beat him everywhere," he asserted.

He repeated previous NDP campaign promises on topics ranging from hiring more doctors and nurses, to protecting the environment, to funding more child care.