The New Democratic Party has reached a new high in voter support, a poll released Saturday suggests.


    Perecentage of respondents supporting each party
 Party  Sept. 23-26  Sept. 17-20  Sept. 10-13
 Conservative  38  39  40
 Liberal  23  23  26
 NDP  19  17  15
 Green  9  11  9
 Bloc  9  8  8
   Source: Canadian Press/Harris-Decima polls

The four-day Canadian Press/Harris-Decima polI shows the party with 19 per cent, up from 14 per cent when the election was called.

The Conservatives are still leading with 38 per cent, followed by the Liberals with 23 per cent. The Green party and the Bloc Québécois each has nine per cent.

"The gains for the NDP appear to be coming largely at the expense of the Green party and the Liberals," Harris-Decima president Bruce Anderson told CBC News.

The NDP gains were likely the result of leader Jack Layton's move toward the centre of the political spectrum, while Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion "still struggles to be heard," Anderson said.

The figures were based on the question: "If a federal election were held tomorrow, who do you think you would be voting for in your area?" It then lists the parties.

The average sample was 1,305, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points.