Murder charge laid, despite lack of body

A Saskatoon man appeared in court on Thursday, charged with the first degree murder of a young woman whose body has not been found.

Kenneth David MacKay, 27, was remanded in custody until next Tuesday after a brief court appearance. He has been charged in connection with the death of Crystal Lee Paskemin, a 21-year-old cocktail waitress who disappeared on Dec. 29.

MacKay was arrested in his home on Wednesday night.

Woman's clothing found on road RCMP found some torn clothing on a grid road east of Saskatoon a few days after the woman's disappearance, and now say they have linked it to her death.

Cpl. Jerry Wilde insists that even though police have not found Paskemin's body, they do have enough evidence to prove Paskemin was killed.

"The evidence supports that the young lady did meet her death in a manner that wasn't of natural causes," Cpl. Wilde says.

As to the challenge of prosecuting a murder case without a body, Wilde admits, "it is quite uncommon, but I understand in the past there have been murder charges and convictions without a body."