MRI price war in Edmonton

The opening of a new private magnetic resonance imaging or MRI clinic in Edmonton is kicking off a price war in the city.

The new clinic in the west end which opens in two weeks is undercutting it's competition by about 20 per cent.

MRI's use radio waves and magnetics to determine abnormalities inside the body.

Dr. Stanley Kitay is with Meadowlark MRI. He says his company has state of the art equipment, and will charge about 20 per cent less than other private clinics which offer MRI scans.

Kitay says he hopes more people will use his company's services and that will compensate it for the lower fees its charging.

Kitay says there is currently a 4 to 6 month waiting list for an MRI which is publicly funded.

He says his clinic will cater to those who don't want to wait that long, and to organizations such as insurance companies and the workers compensation board.

The Magnetic Resonance Centre also provides a private MRI service in Edmonton.

Chief of Investor Relations, Chuck Moser, says his clinic is considering dropping it's price of 725 dollars in response to the competition.